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  Welcome to! The place to find the right art appreciation vocabulary. has the pleasure to present you with a collection of art dictionaries that is a real celebration to the human mind and its capacity for creation. Within our collection of art terminology dictionaries and glossaries you find art terms related to various fields of artistic expressions:

  • Antiques & Collectibles: become an antique connoisseur with this incredible antique terms dictionary;
  • Design: Learn terms related to design and other more general art terms with our visual arts and design dictionaries and glossaries;
  • Visual Arts: be enchanted with the in-depth knowledge presented by the definitions provided by our visual arts dictionaries;
  • General Arts Dictionaries: find whatever art terminology you need with this miscellaneous collection of art dictionaries.
  • Let the artist within you blossom with this collection or art dictionaries. will help you every step of the way by bringing you the right art term for your creative endeavours.

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